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misisng information in target idea service using node-adwords library

I am using node-adwords (201802.2.0) to access the adwords services via nodejs. But in Targeting Idea Service api i am facing some issues.

I use TargetingIdeaService generate new keyword ideas based on the following parameters:

               searchParameters: [{

                    'xsi:type': 'RelatedToQuerySearchParameter',

                    queries: [<query>]

                }, {

                    'xsi:type': 'LanguageSearchParameter',

                    languages: [{ 'cm:id': <languageId> }]



                    'xsi:type': 'LocationSearchParameter',

                    locations: [{ 'cm:id': <locationId >}]




            requestType: 'IDEAS',

            requestedAttributeTypes: ['KEYWORD_TEXT', 'AVERAGE_CPC', 'COMPETITION', 'SEARCH_VOLUME', 'COUNTRY'],

            paging: {

                startIndex: 0,

                numberResults: <numberResults>

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I provided search query parameter as a seed keyword

But in the result i get, in some keywords there is missing parameters i.e the average cpc ,comeptition,search volume.

Even if I try using requestType as STATUS also i dnot get the details.

And i tried the KEYWORD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT of the customer account to get the keyword details if it is already using one.But i cannot find the details in the report too.

Please suggest a way to get the keyword cpc,reach resulted by the targeting idea service api.Preformatted text

How is this issue related to npm?