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maxsockets flag ignored, cntlm proxy hangs because of too many requests

What I Wanted to Do

Run npm install using a pre-written package.json file, inside a docker container, behind a cntlm corporate
proxy. Since cntlm hangs if there are too many requests being fired off (Error: too many files open), I set the maxsockets to 5 using npm set maxsockets 5.

What Happened Instead

The hundreds of requests were still fired, the maxsockets configuration was ignored, even though it appears
when I run
npm config list

Reproduction Steps

This gist includes all dependencies of my project. it is a mirror of the package.json I am using.

Set up cntlm in gateway mode. Listen to the docker0 interface.
Traffic from within the container will be routed to the cntlm proxy handler (localhost:3128 by default)

Dockerfile for the image

Try to build the image. As soon as I reach the npm install command, it immediately fires off a lot of requests,
and within half a minute cntlm hangs. After a while (~15 minutes) this is what the shell outputs


I tried to do as much research as possible as I am trying to setup a CI/CD pipeline here.
It supposedly was an old issue :
That seems to have been fixed, but alas in my case, the maxsockets setting is still being ignored.

Hosting a mirror npm registry is out of the question currently. Getting rid of cntlm is also out of the question.

Platform Info

npm/6.4.1 node/v10.13.0 linux x64

More info here:

npm is a major version behind pacote, which will use the new version of agent-base. However, those major changes will have to be reflected in the npm codebase first.