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Links to npm-config in clear text

These sections contain a link to npm-config ( but not in form of a link tag.

Example: " See <a href="/misc/config">npm-config</a> and <a href="/misc/scripts">npm-scripts</a> for more on package configs.´"

All pages and links seem to have this issue, it seems the script that changes the markdown refs to other man pages is broken. “Coincidentally”, it seems the docs site was just updated (edit: between 9 and 11 November). Another new issue: page titles don’t exist anymore. Possibly related:

However, the changes that can be seen on the site don’t seem to be reflected in any of the repositories…

More broken things: the second half of misc/scripts.

Hi all, thanks so much for letting us know about these issues with the new docs site. We launched a rewrite of the docs site last Friday, and there are some issues parsing the markdown for the CLI docs. We’re tracking them internally, and we have got folks working on it. Thanks so much for your patience while we get these sorted out.

ur mom is uglier than idk

It appears that the site’s markdown-to-html transformer bailed out and stopped working in the middle of the file.

Viewing the page source, I see it escapes an instance of <stage>:

Additionally, arbitrary scripts can be executed by running <code class="highlighter-rouge">npm
run-script &lt;stage&gt;</code>.

But a few lines down it appears to have bailed out — it doesn’t wrap it in <code> tags, and there’s also a vagrant <p> inserted in there.

... Scripts from dependencies can be run with `npm explore</p>
<pkg> -- npm run <stage>`.

The <pkg> and <stage> get interpreted as HTML tags by the browser (Chrome 70.0.3538.110).

Here’s the source markdown file on github:

Hey everyone, an update on issues mentioned in this thread:

Thanks for pointing these out, and let us know if you see any other formatting issues so we can fix those as well.

Thanks! Some nice-to-haves:

Both would be pretty much solved IMO by reinstalling the sidebar, but I presume it has been removed for a reason.

Also, I’m still missing the page titles, is that being worked on?

Page titles are being worked on and should be out soon (hopefully this week).

I agree with your other points – some navigation tweaks would make those docs easier to use. The sidebar wasn’t entirely compatible with the new structure of the non-CLI docs, but I think it’s worth exploring bringing it back for the CLI category. We’re gathering requirements for the second phase of the docs redesign project (phase 1 was largely about moving to a new static site generator and build process, and updating a large portion of the non-CLI content), so I’ll add your suggestions to our list. Thanks again!