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Links in the docs don't work

What I Wanted to Do

Click on links in the documentation

What Happened Instead

Not all links work

Reproduction Steps

Check out this for example. At the end of that paragraph the links to the documentation pages of package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap work. But then the links in the following list don’t work (e.g. the link for package.json in the first list item)


A quick look at the source code reveals that the working links are just regular text and the links that don’t work are in backticks. I’m assuming that somewhere in the build process package.json(5) is changed into <a href="/files/package.json">package.json</a> but because the backticks aren’t removed the HTML code isn’t rendered.

This is being worked on internally:

I moved this to #support:docs-needed since most other posts about these issues are there, and the post isn’t about the main website.

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