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"Last Published" timestamp not related to official version

What I Wanted to Do

Find the official “Last Published” date when the official version of a package was last released, to determine if the package is recent enough to include merged bug fixes.

What Happened Instead

The displayed “Last Published” date on is that of the most recent npm package pushed, not the officially released version.

Reproduction Steps

Visit: Ionic-Angular NPM page (
Observe: Official Version (i.e. as of this report, 3.9.4)
Observe: Last Published date (i.e. “5 days ago”)
Visit: Version History page (
Observe: Version History -> 3.9.4 without any nightly code (i.e. “2 months ago”)


The official version of Ionic-Angular as of the time this report was filed was 3.9.4. The displayed “Last Published” date states “5 days ago”, the ACTUAL publish date from the version history page shows “2 months ago”.

This left me in a rather confused state when numerous bug fixes merged in the last several weeks were not in the 3.9.4 build. Took time and a bit of digging to ultimately find the ACTUAL publish date on the version history page was two months prior to what I thought it was based on the main NPM page for the package.

I believe the Last Published timestamp should pull from an exact match of package versions, rather than simply the timestamp of the most recent publish. NPM packages can be published under various tags, such as latest or nightly, and if the OFFICIAL (as in, shown on the npm page) version of a package (i.e. latest) is older than the nightly, that can be misleading and confusing.

Platform Info

Bug is related to, not the CLI. Version information from CLI is not particularly relevant to the issue being filed.

(I moved this to #ideas as not a bug as such, but useful feedback)

The information you were looking for is at the top of the page:

3.9.4 • Public • Published 2 months ago

The information about the most recent publish (including prerelease) is also useful information. I wonder if it would be less ambiguous if the “last publish” in the overview on the right included the version in addition to the time.

Yeah, I did not see the top details… I never really look there for info as all the info I usually need is in the sidebar. I think that if you included the version along with Last Published, it would indeed help clear things up a lot.