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Issue on Homebridge Tahoma plugin

I’m new here and I hope this is the right way to report an issue on a plugin.

I’m running Homebridge on a Synology NAS ansd have the latestTahoma plugin installed, version v0.1.22
It’s working fine with Homekit and Siri on my 6 venetian blinds and my garage door, all IO type devices
I also have 3 roller shutters (also IO devices) and there it seems okay using Siri, “open” really opens them and “close” is closing.
But in the Homekit app the status seems to be wrong.
In the open position the app tells me they are closed and touching he button therefore has no effect.
Using the slide I can close them and the app still tells me they are closed.
Touching the button now opens them, the button turns white and tells me they are opening.
After reaching the fully open position the button tells me they are closed again.

Looking for advice on what to do or edit in the Awnings.js file

Thanks in advance


This question doesn’t seem to be about npm itself, so I moved it to #community:javascript. You might be better off looking at the homebridge-tahoma issues. For example, this looks quite relevant: