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Is ngx-paged-select good? I'm struggling to get it to work

I am looking for an Angular (5) component that offers a PAGED multi select dropdown. It sounds like would do the job nicely.

When I try to use it I hit a problem that “BrowserModule has already been loaded Error”.
While investigating various sites mention that BrowserModule should be imported in the application module and CommonModule should be imported in “child” modules.
Have you any suggestions?

Also, it would be good to see a demo of the component but when I click thro and try running with RunKit, I get Cannot find module ‘@angular/platform-browser’

I am fairly new to Angular and not familiar with RunKit so I apologize if I am missing something obvious

In case you don’t get answers here, note that #support is for support in use of npm itself and not for use of the packages (whether angular or ngx-paged-select). The first place I would look is the homepage for each of those products to see if there is a place to ask your question, where you are likely to find product experts.

But your first sentence does sound like a good match for #community:find-a-package !