INTEGRITY checks for custom url packages is failing

(Juan Manuel Diego G) #1

I have custom url dependencies hosted (and modified procedurally) in my own server, the package.json looks like this:

"private": true,
"devDependencies": {
    "@my-org/my-module": "https://my-domain/my-module.tar.gz?revision=v1.0.0"

Since the update to have package-lock.json I keep getting Integrity fail even though all my packages are private, I tried:

  • Updating NPM to the latest
  • Clearing cache with force
  • Removing the node_modules folder
  • Reinstalling over and over again

Nothing works, the error message keeps appearing:

npm WARN tarball tarball data for @my-org/my-module@https://my-domain/my-module.tar.gz?revision=v1.0.0 (sha512-6FsXaHfLVgaSkhHah+zHKkB
lcFkobkFWfjv4M2CWXscn3uSmIaKVM3N9GF/VcOhfWP70ahFA7RFz6RkfxMlPPw==) seems to be corrupted. Trying one more time.

Takes a while and fails in the end. PLEASE HELP!!!

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