Installing/upgrading npm

(Kat Marchán) #1

How do I install npm itself, or upgrade from an existing install?

On clean node v10.5.0, v10.6.0 and v10.7.0 install, npm install yelds asyncWrite is not a function and pna.nextTick is not a function
(Kat Marchán) #2
  • The preferred way of installing a fresh version of npm is to use the node.js installer itself.

  • The preferred way of upgrading npm is to use npm i -g npm@latest.

  • [Windows] Upgrading npm on Windows can fail due to issues with the node.js installer. You can use npm-windows-upgrade to try to bypass these issues.

  • [Linux/OSX] You can install or upgrade npm manually using curl | sh.

The npm CLI team does not officially support installation through OS package managers like apt-get or Homebrew. You’re kind of on your own if you use one of those or some other method for installing or upgrading npm itself.

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