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Installing npm packages as standalone apps

How can one install an npm package as a standalone app and not as an app dependency in node_modules?
I do not want to download the source files but the “built” npm package.
I know I can take the package from the automatically created node_modules folder but is there a less tedious way to do this?
I am new here, and any help would be much appreciated :smiley:

You might be looking for the --global option, like:

npm install --global n

@shadowspawn But then how do you tell npm that the package should be installed in the directory where the command is executed?

I am not sure what behaviour you are looking for. When you install package “foo” as a dependency, you get the production install of “foo”. What shortcut are you looking for?

So I would to do something like

npm install foo --standalone

This would download the package foo, create a directory foo in the pwd and place its files there.
Is this possible?

There’s no npm command to do this, but it’s not hard to do.

mkdir foo
cd foo
npm view foo dist.tarball | xargs curl -s | tar x --strip=1
npm install

It works great, I just had to download the tarball before with npm pack because it is a private package.
Thank you :smiley: