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Idea : "npm uninstall" remove directories/files created by "npm install"


My feature suggest is an update of npm install and npm unistall. When we install some packages (like firebase), this one will create directories and files.

My idea is to list all files and directories created by the “npm install” command (not these in node_modules) . And when you write “npm uninstall” that going to ask you :

"Do you want to delete all directories/files created by the install command ? " (with the list of these one)

And a reponse “yes” removed all directories/files.

So, what do you want?

I would like when I write npm uninstall <package> that delete all file and directories created by the previous command npm install <package> (not only the node_modules)

What files are created? If they’re created by Firebase in postinstall steps npm can’t do much about that.