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iarna (Rebecca Turner) departing npm

I’ve been deeply involved in the npm open source project for the past four and half years, spending some of that time as a core contributor and some leading the project. I am sad to tell you that I resigned from my job at npm, Inc, effective April 19th, and don’t expect to be active here or in the npmjs git repos after that.

@zkat has been the the architect and technical lead for the last six months and a core contributor for almost four years. I have confidence that you’re in good hands with them. I really can’t imagine anyone else I would trust more to do what’s right for the community.

A lot has changed since I joined npm. The current version was 1.4.26, and 2.0.0 was still in beta. The installer and cache rewrites that would become 3.0 and 5.0 respectively were but ideas that had been bouncing around. npm was something like 40x slower than it is today and a whole host of features from audit and two factor auth to publication previews and time travel hadn’t even been suggested. I’m proud of everything we’ve done, and even more, I’m proud of everything you all have done. Across the 70 or so modules that make up the npm cli, we had 658 contributors since that time. And that’s just code and docs, that doesn’t even begin to encompass the thousands of you all who helped by reporting bugs and asking questions.

I’m not disappearing entirely. I still have a passion for the weird little esoteric corner that is package management, and the broader esoteric corner that is dev tooling. I’m still passionate about what’s been done here and what may happen in the future. You’ll likely see me being more active over at Node.js’ Tooling Group and on the Dev Tools Community Slack.

You can also find me tweeting over at @ReBeccaOrg, pushing code as iarna on github (psst, that’s pronounced yar-na) and maybe(?) occasionally updating my blog at