'https://skimdb.npmjs.com/registry/_design/_view/byField now deprecated

Hello, until some time this view has been supported, and several people used it to download
“complete package info offline” and used that for analyses
I was one of them, now it stopped working with this endpoint is deprecated.

curl -v ‘https://skimdb.npmjs.com/registry/_design/_view/byField

< npm-notice: this endpoint is deprecated
< server: haproxy

Is there any equivalent or any ideas on how to obtain full list of packages, including their detailed info ?
calling 1000000/250 requests for API https://registry.npmjs.org/-/v1/search, just to get packages names and then calling 1000000 requests to get detailed package info (including dependencies) does not seem like good idea to me. Any other hints ? must replicate and make views ? or ?

Thanx for help.

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