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how to remove a package

I want to remove my published package

I found how to remove packages.

command “npm unpublish @scope package version”

but I can’t understand what “@scope” means in this line

I have a package in the scope “@shadowspawn” called “forest-arborist” here:

The command-line help for unpublish says:

npm unpublish [<@scope>/]<pkg>[@<version>]

So for me unpublishing version 4.1.6 would be:

npm unpublish @shadowspawn/forest-arborist@4.1.6

The documentation page for scope (which you may have seen) is:

Note also:

With the default registry ( ), unpublish is only allowed with versions published in the last 72 hours. If you are trying to unpublish a version published longer ago than that, contact This is what the package looks like and the path to it, and I’m sorry I don’t understand what to paste outside of @scope to remove the package

Your package was not published with a scope, so just:

npm unpublish mixins-less


npm unpublish mixins-less@1.0.0

As I understand it, I can’t delete it myself and must contact support

Yes. (Because past 72 hours.)