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How to offline Node js application

How to run offline node js application without internet connection using Mongodb escpress js

Robin has an extensive tutorial on how to set up you local environment here:

Make sure to check out the outher parts of that series:

  1. The minimal Node.js with Babel Setup
  2. How to setup Express.js in Node.js
  3. How to create a REST API with Express.js in Node.js
  4. Setup MongoDB with Mongoose in Express
  5. Creating a REST API with Express.js and MongoDB

without internet run the node app

If you follow this guide you can run the app with npm start.

my app not local that is offline mode application without internet access our application how to install offline mode node application db use mongodb

MongoDB requires a server to run. There is no way to run MongoDB on the client. If you are looking for client side databases, check out