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How do I suppress the version banner from npm output?

OS: Windows 10
Node: 10.13.0
npm: 6.4.1

I run some npm commands during our CI automation and I noticed today that npm sometimes spits out a big annoying banner about upgrading:

> npm config get registry
   │                                                               │
   │       New minor version of npm available! 6.4.1 → 6.5.0       │
   │   Changelog:   │
   │               Run npm install -g npm to update!               │
   │                                                               │

This messes with automation that is expecting the output of the command to be just the normal output. Is there a command-line flag or config option for suppressing this banner?

Also, I tried doing this myself via head but ran into an issue there too:

$ npm config get registry | head -n 1
npm ERR! code EPIPE
npm ERR! errno EPIPE
npm ERR! syscall write
npm ERR! EPIPE: broken pipe, write

Why is this happening? This doesn’t happen with yarn or any other tool we use.

You can use --update-notifier=false or --no-update-notifier, or use that option in a .npmrc or a environment variable.