How do I prefer an older version of a dependency, but allow a newer one if it's already installed?

Hi all,

I have an NPM package that depends on cheerio. Cheerio 0.22.0 has a 1 MB install size (according to Package Phobia) while 1.0.0-rc1 is 2.68 MB. For that reason, if whoever depends on my package does not already have cheerio ^1.0.0-rc1 in their dependency tree, I would like NPM to install cheerio ^0.22.0. If they do have ^1.0.0-rc1, I would like to use that.

Is this possible? I’ve tried depending on: "cheerio": "^0.22.0||^1.0.0-rc1" and "cheerio": "^1.0.0-rc1||^0.22.0" but both install ^1.0.0-rc1 if cheerio is not already installed.

The latest version compatible version will be installed if an install is needed.

You can experiment in the npm semver calculator

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