How Can I Publish Symlink

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How Can I Publish Mac Symlink

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What are you trying to do?

I have not looked at current code, but did find this older link where symlinks to outside the package are explicitly ignored:

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Like this symlink,I publish. But when I npm i
The node_modules not contain these symlink

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Ah, a macOS framework bundle with links to the current version in the versions directory. Thanks for picture.

I think the symlinks are deliberately not included by npm. I found this explanation in an old issue:

npm is not tar, and it is not git. It does not include symbolic links in packages, because they are unportable to the platforms and filesystems that npm supports.

I have not found a solution for this situation. I can think of two approaches which might work, but I am not sure how practical they are:

  • recreate the symlinks in a postinstall script, or
  • use tar to archive the frameworks before publish, and unpack as part of install

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