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Having an issue deprecating older packages

My company is in the process of moving some private scoped packages from npmjs to our own artifactory registry. I’m building a package to help me automate this that can be passed down to other teams and for the most part have it working. Where I’m coming in to a problem is in deprecating the old package.
I’m running deprecate on the entire package. It displays as deprecated on our npmjs site, but previous versions when installed never fire a deprecation message. When I look in the node_module folder where my freshly deprecated package should install (for any version), I find the deprecation value to be either false or non-existent.

It seems the only way I can add true deprecation that warns on installation is to publish with that setting, but from what I can tell it’s near impossible to unpublish previous versions and republish as deprecated on npmjs.

Am I missing something here?