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getting an error when trying to deploy on gandi

Hi all ! I really tried not to ask for help, but got stuck now for a few weeks about some codes and it’s starting to threaten my business… So here I am asking for some help, please :slight_smile:
Here is the thing : I am able to run npm run dev on a localhost, and it’s working wonderfully, but not able to run deployment, I am getting this error message :

Can someone please help me through this ?
I can share github repo if it helps (and I am pretty sure it will)

It looks like you are getting an error in your npm script from webpack, rather than with npm itself. Sharing the github repo will help us see what is being called. :-)

Here is the github repo url :

Thanks for helping ! I really appreciate it !

Hello John, I just posted the repo if it can help :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

I have reproduced the error.

I don’t think it is npm as such, and you might get more advice asking somewhere with more webpack experts.

I came across some reports that compiler.hooks being undefined was due to plugins written for webpack 4 and crashing in webpack 3. However, simply upgrading from webpack 3 to 4 causes others problems (as might be expected!).

Someone here may have some insights. Good luck!

Thanks for trying !

Do you have any recommendations on which forum / platform I should ask to get more webpacks experts ?

I do not have much webpack experience, but there are support suggestions here: