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Favorite or Starred Package


Can you please add a simple feature of “Favorite” or “Star” for the packages. It is really painful to search our favorite packages every time, and we should be able to save them into our own collection like Favorite ones.

Let me know if this feature can be considered.

I’m pretty sure that feature is available already (npm (un)star <pkg> & npm stars or something), but they removed the buttons from the website so you’ll have to do it from the command line.

Thanks for responding. But, there is no point in making it through CLI. It should be on the website for every package, so users would take the decision whether to try or not based on stars, like Github and most websites.

I don’t see any strong reason for removing that feature. I always want to build and see my own collection of favorite ones on the website, and mainly needed if I have to share with others.

I hope npm team @support would reconsider this request.

I like this alot, kinda like in Product hunt, them having a collection list. npm could do the same.