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Error: Registry returned 500 for PUT on

Hey. We have some errors with package publishing.
We are using npm publish --ddd --ignore-scripts command.

Seems like client is trying to publish the package and send PUT request to the npm API, which is publishing it, but returns 500 in response. Then client is trying attempt #2. Which is failing b/c of package already exists with 403 error.

npm verb getPublishConfig { registry: '', logLevel: 'verbose' }
npm verb publish registryBase
npm verb request sending authorization for write operation
npm verb request using bearer token for auth
npm verb request id 0ccb286a396ed453
npm http request PUT
npm http 500
npm info retry will retry, error on last attempt: Error: Registry returned 500 for PUT on An error occurred
npm info attempt registry request try #2 at 9:13:04 AM
npm ERR! publish Failed PUT 403
npm verb stack Error: You cannot publish over the previously published versions: