Error - npm install

What I Wanted to Do

I was going to build this client locally:

I downloaded the repository, unpacked it, and going to this folder in VSCode, I started the installation: npm install

What Happened Instead

An error occurred: npm ERR! cb () never called!

Reproduction Steps


[2019-05-27T15_59_12_675Z-debug.log|attachment](upload://wkIIEcocD1te3auOj9yWPmreTIo.log) (727.9 КБ)

Platform Info

VSCode (1.34.00)

nodejs (v12.2.0)

Windows 10 1607 (LTSB) - (x64)

$ npm --versions
$ node -p process.platform

The install failed for me too using node v12.3.1, on Mac. Somewhat different errors than in your log. I saw compile errors building grpc after downloading a whole lot of object files.

I was able to install without error using lts version of node, v10.15.3. The install also produced far less output (prebuilt binaries?).

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