Error downloading vector map (GEOJSON FILE) in Kibana even after enabling CORS using http-server

Hello All,

Please can anybody help me out here. I am trying to view a GeoJSON vector map in Kibana.

In this regard I installed a local web server using the http-server package ( with the following http-server syntax : http-server --cors=’*’ -p 8000

However, whenever I try to view/run the map I get the following error :

Error downloading vector data

Cannot download http://localhost:8000/aus_state.geojson file. Please ensure the CORS configuration of the server permits requests from the Kibana application on this host.

I believe the error has to do with the http-server statement above. I would be grateful if anybody can help me identify what the problem is an give me a solution as I have not been able to visualize/view my Australian map at all as a result of the error stated above.

Thank You


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