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error code EINTEGRITY

What I Wanted to Do

I was trying npm install for my repo and continuously getting

error sha512-phJfQVBuaJM5raOpJjSfkiD6BpbCE4Ns//LaXl6wGYtUBY83nWS6Rf9tXm2e8VaK60JEjYldbPif/A2B1C2gNA== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-phJfQVBuaJM5raOpJjSfkiD6BpbCE4Ns//LaXl6wGYtUBY83nWS6Rf9tXm2e8VaK60JEjYldbPif/A2B1C2gNA== but got sha512-z4PhNX7vuL3xVChQ1m2AB9Yg5AULVxXcg/SpIdNs6c5H0NE8XYXysP+DGNKHfuwvY7kxvUdBeoGlODJ6+SfaPg==. (0 bytes)

while I already tried to clean npm cache

npm --versions 6.4.1 node -p process.platform