ENOAUDIT from registry.npmjs.org (503)

Same here, get failed frequently via circleci builds

This is also a constant issue for us in our Jenkins builds. Would be great if we could get an update on if a fix is planned?



At a risk of repeating others, this is occurring at random within my build pipeline. I build and audit ~20 projects at a time, and 4-5 of them will fail, but different ones each time. We want to leave this auditing on for security reasons, but it needs to be reliable.
Thank you @travi for the link to the incident - will be following closely.

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For a long time it was working fine. Now we are experiencing this issue constantly.

Unable to do any audits at all now. This is completely blocking our entire project. We’ve now had about 50 ENOAUDITs in a row now.

95% of failed pipelines because of this in the last 24 hours for some of our projects that include huge lockfiles.
It looks like that fix mentioned in the status page made it much worse.

Same. Has been bad the last few weeks but today it has become so bad I’ve just had 10 fail in a row and I’m going to be forced to bypass this which puts my project at risk

It’s the same for me as well, builds are failing intermittently, I had to bypass it but not concerned about vulnerability.

My (temporary?) solution:

      for n in {1..5}; do
        audit=`npm --color always audit 2>&1`
        echo "$audit"
        if [[ "$audit" != *"ENOAUDIT"* ]]; then

It’s much better now but issue still occurs from time to time.

New capacity was added to the service and we are continuing to monitor for any further issues

(back in January) https://status.npmjs.org/incidents/vnmt8kf52bh4

More capacity has been added to this service to match the higher demand

(the most recent issue)

So…servers were scaled…again? I don’t want to sound like a jerk here, but this didn’t work five months ago, and I’m skeptical it’ll work now.

I can appreciate this statement:

We continue to make improvements to this service to provide a consistent experience to our users.

…but I don’t believe that this issue is, in fact, “resolved.”


Any updates on this issue?

This 503 error is happening constantly for npm audit coming out of OWASP Dependency Checker. Will the service be improved again so that we can get a complete run?

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Still getting this error in packages with big package-lock, removing devDependencies sometimes helps. Pretty sure that problem caused by amount of packages in package-lock. Related issue

Also seeing this issue in our pipeline, breaking builds.
Getting 503s with the following:
body: { message: ‘No frontdoor hosts available’ },
message: ‘503 No backends available - POST https://registry.npmjs.org/-/npm/v1/security/audits

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Getting this all the time, it just stopped working few weeks ago and since then not even once it returned success… Not sure if that feature is useful in this kind of state. Is it possible to use some 3rd party with similar functionality, but more capable servers?

@kmrachko I guess you can try yarn, however it uses same npm registry

Same problem. Any updates?

info using npm@6.9.0
info using node@v12.4.0

http fetch POST 503 https://registry.npmjs.org/-/npm/v1/security/audits 14254ms

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