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enhance profile page to allow account owner to order his packages at will


Here is some context:
Every time I go on the package section of my profile, I’m suprised that the packages are sorted by the last update, but starting with the oldest edited.
Since I spend a bit of time on creating and contributing to packages, I always give my npm profile address as a way for recruiters to appreciate the effort I put into opensource, and I know I’m not the only one, since ES has become what it is today.

Fact is that the sorting order is sending the wrong message to them.
They see a lot of packages I’m not working on, and they need to scroll and/or press the “see more” button to check the most recent packages I work on.

This is very unconveniant and it would be great to have more control on the sorting order and/or type

Request :
I suggest to add the possibility to choose the sorting on the packages section :