EACCES: permission denied

Hello I have a problem of installation of pack that is REAT.js or ANGULAR.js it gives me no authorization it sends me back to me message ‘Unhandled rejection Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir’ / Users / alprod81 / .npm ’
and I can not solve the problem while on my MAC I have the latest version of NODE and NPM.
Thanks for your help.

There’s a guide in this post:

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downgrading to 6.4.1 worked for me

I use the line, but once loaded it asks me my password but my keyboard does not respond so I can not coomposer my code

Thank’s packman5009
He also does not want to download the latest version

with the command npm install -g npm @ latest

It sounds like you didn’t manage to run the chown commands in the linked comment.

When you use sudo the first time you get prompted for your account password to authenticate before running the command as root (superuser). This might make it more obvious:

$ sudo echo hello
$ sudo whoami
$ whoami

You won’t get prompted by sudo for your password again for five minutes, so don’t have to enter it multiple times.

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