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durable-functions (version 1.2.4) doesn't work in ASE(App service environment), throw exceptions

Hi All,

I got a werid issue here. If someone can give me hits, would be appreciated.

I have created a default durable functions in visual studio code.


As simple as it should be, deployed it to a basic app service plan (not ASE(app service environment)), it works.

Now change the app service plan to ASE, got exception on fail to start a new instance:

2019-10-06T08:46:57.486 [Error] Executed ‘Functions.attachmentmigrationstart’ (Failed, Id=8ece1bdc-afd9-41ba-aed4-6b1ffbe08f23)
Result: Failure
Exception: Error
Stack: Error
at DurableOrchestrationClient. (D:\home\site\wwwroot\node_modules\durable-functions\lib\src\durableorchestrationclient.js:318:23)
at Generator.throw ()
at rejected (D:\home\site\wwwroot\node_modules\durable-functions\lib\src\durableorchestrationclient.js:5:65)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

From all the reseach I did, the library is used to have an issue of website_hostname not correctly filled in result in the orchestrator function cannot be found.

After debugging in the durable-functions lib, the url looks fine. Now very puzzelled why the durable function fails to start.

By checking application insights, there is security related errors:
‘Error 12175 calling WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_REQUEST_ERROR, ‘A security error occurred’.’

Thought this could be caused by some security check in ASE. To verify this, I create a durable function in C# and deployed to ASE. It works. Should be not caused by ASE, but caused by the durable function library.

Any ideas? Thanks.

(You might get an answer here, but because this forum is focused on npm, you might want to ask your question somewhere that targets experts with your package. I have moved your topic to #community:javascript)