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Design Discussion on peerDependencies update

Hi folks :wave:

I originally asked for an “update” to the current state of peerDependencies last year:

But now I would like to start discussing the actual plans for peerDependencies :smile: I am working on a plugin ecosystem that is based around the use of npm for templates and I need to implement a check/assertion on the minimum version for a peerDependancy as part of my upcoming work.

I have the luxury of being able to do whatever I want for this project :joy: but I would much prefer the way that I tackle peerDependancy assertions to be both philosophically and technically aligned with npm so that eventually I could delete my custom project and “just use the platform” :tada:

In our last discussion, there was talk about the “two-pass installer” and a nod to the roadmap:

I’m less interested in the npm mechanics of the system and more curious to know if there has been any discussion yet about the ergonomics, and end-user experience of peerDependencies?

Also, could we get this moved to the #development section? I wasn’t able to post it there originally but I would prefer this not to get closed automatically, I would like this to be active development if at all possible :smile: