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Debugging npm link


I have the classic problem of changes in a dependant package not being reflected in a package that uses that dependancy. However, my problem doesn’t seem to be resolved by npm link

I have gone over the npm link, npm link [package] process many times. To no avail.

If I change a file in the dependancy I get the output ‘file [path] changed’ to the console. Then this triggers a rebuild.

however, whatever code is being built is an old/wrong version. I can delete all the code, that triggers a rebuild (telling me the symlink is correct) but the application still works, when it shouldn’t, because the code has been deleted.



I think you have something extra in your setup which you have not described. What is generating the message about output ‘file [path] changed' or “triggers a rebuild (telling me the symlink is correct)”?

I’m using ember.js and when ‘served’ my ember application rebuilds when a file is changed automatically

I fixed the issue eventually (3 days lol) by using an automated tool for npm installs & linking. Removed human error.

Are you still having a problem with “npm link”?

(I am not sure if the “I fixed the issue eventually” means you did manage to solve your problem, or that was an earlier problem)

managed to fix the problem

not sure what it was, but essentially scrapping everything and then using an automated tool