Community badges

(Frédéric Harper) #1


The gamification of forums was a brilliant idea! I don’t know who thought about it, but it’s clearly working with me! Maybe it’s my competitive nature or the grown-up kid I still am :sunglasses:

If you want to see what badges you can get by participating in our community, check the full list (the ones with the checkmarks are the one you earned).

On that note, happy Friday!

(Ahmad Nassri) #2

grown-up kids FTW!!!

(Atrian Wagner) #3


Do posts in hidden categories count for badges? :thinking:
I edited a post to add emojis, but it didn’t trigger the related badges, and so I am curious if only posts in public categories count.

Also where is the advanced user tutorial? I see that badge but haven’t found its trigger. :female_detective:

(Lars Willighagen) #4

There is, the command is locale-dependent but you can find it with the help command. I think @discobot start advanced user should work.

(Atrian Wagner) #5

Thanks @larsgw!

I started it, but I can’t finish it because it requires making a poll, which is showing as blocked for my trust level. I’ll go ask in Trust Levels in at which level we can make polls since I don’t see it listed for any of them.

Edit: oh hey, you can skip steps.