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this doesn’t quite fit the bug template but I wasn’t sure how to submit a request for a documentation update.

I would like to submit a PR on npm and read the file, but it wasn’t clear to me what target branch to use. Conventionally, I would use master, but I saw several merge target were latest or release-next. Could you please clarify in the document which branch to use?

Thank you!

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The #support:docs-needed category would be good for that (I went ahead and changed it).

I can’t find official sources at the moment, but most (non-staff) PRs are merged with release-next. The main branch is called latest (instead of master) isn’t (AFAIK) committed to directly but mostly consists of updates from release-next.

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Thank you very much for updating the category, Lars. I admit I am still a bit new to the “newer” way of bug and issue tracking (still used to the old GitHub issues).

I ended up submitting my PR to release-next. Maybe the documentation will be updated. I don’t mind doing a PR for that, too, so long as what you stated would be correct.

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Thanks for pointing this out, release-next is the correct branch to target. latest is where one of the CLI team members will merge everything at the end. We’ve been working on updating our process docs so I’ll poke around and see where this can be updated.

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