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cipm is not maintained

I think that cipm (which is is a core component of npm ci command) is a very important component of npm.
But I see that it is not maintained.

For exampIe, added an issue on October 2018, it was merged in December 2018… And still not published. There is even a new issue about publishing this PR:

There is also a closed topic on this bug here: npm ci produces a tonn of excess warnings on install

Also, last release of this package was on January 25.
There are many issues without any replies, and there are 4 accepted PRs from 2018 which also are not merged.

May be current maintainer needs some help?

We are watching same resolved bug on our production servers for 8 monthes after fix was accepted, and that’s quite sad - I like Node and npm for quick speed of fixes and improvements.