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Can't view package.json when clicking on version

What I Wanted to Do

View package.json for a given version as instructed by the tip Tip: Click on a version number to view a previous package.json

What Happened Instead

Redirected to the readme tab for that version

Reproduction Steps

  1. Goto repo on
  2. Click on versions tab
  3. Click version number


I only expect this functionality due to the tip that is shown on the page, would be useful if it worked.


N/A, applies only to

The bug here seems to be a slight wording hiccup. I’m pretty sure the intention here is to show the readme and page for that package version, not the json itself. So I’m gonna leave it up as a bug and a website person can take a look.

This has been fixed by the web team by just rewording the message. It’ll go live the next time they deploy. Cheers!