Cannot "like" topics

(Lars Willighagen) #1

Is the “like” function disabled on topics (not posts)?

(Kat Marchán) #2

No?.. Not that I can tell.

Maybe you need reply access

(Lars Willighagen) #3

I see no icon on #bugs and #ideas posts, maybe it’s because of the voting plugin?


(Kat Marchán) #4

oh that explains it! That actually makes a lot of sense. I guess they re-used likes for the voting system. That’s reasonable.

(Lars Willighagen) #5

But I can only vote for 7 topics at a time, right?

(Kat Marchán) #6

I think so? I thought the number was 10. But yes.

(Lars Willighagen) #7

And all the likes are gone too, I suppose. I guess I should use the bookmark function more often then. Okay, thanks! (not meant passive-aggressively, thanks for your time)