cannot get / while running npm run dev

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strange error running npm run install

following this and downloaded code from GitHub

and get cannot /get.

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Can you attach the debug log?

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2019-02-10T21_38_16_103Z-debug.log (900 Bytes)

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You have to run npm run dev in the project directory.

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ok now it ran but all I get is due page I don’t see my app page

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That’s probably an issue with the project itself, not npm. I see you made an issue on the repository already back in November, one thing that could be happening is that you need to insert an API key here:

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actually I had same project twice not sure how. I have fixed it with your valuable help .

thanks a lot …

is there a good tutorial out there on vue

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I haven’t tried it, but their own introduction and their other guides seem pretty good:

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