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Can the upgrade prompt be disabled from .npmrc?

to minimize churn in the lockfile due to different npm versions, my team uses nvm to stay on the same version of node as well as the version of npm that is packaged with that version. while we would love to always be on the latest npm version, we wait until a version of node is available that includes the updated npm version so that we all upgrade consistently.

because of this, we would prefer not to encourage anyone to upgrade ahead of the rest of the team, so it would be nice if we could disable the upgrade from npm. i’m aware that the prompt can be disabled with a cli flag, but i haven’t found a documented way to disable using .npmrc. is this already possible, or would it need to be added?

The only way to disable it right now is to use this config:

But I would totally take a PR that added a native npm config for it?

I’ve marked this as a good starter issue cause it shouldn’t be a ton of effort to add a conditional on a new config. If you or anyone else is interested, lmk. If you have questions about how to implement it, feel free to ask here.

See also: Npm-side config for suppressing update notifier