Can’t install scoped packages – E401 Unauthorized


(Frédéric Harper) #21

here is what happened:

(Torey A) #22

We have been having similar issues all day with our Docker CI builds as well. A bit of digging, and we determined that one of our processes was nefariously writing the following line into the container’s .npmrc file:

always-auth = true

Removing this line seemed to have done the trick!

(Anton Rand) #23

How would I resolve this for Node 6?

My understanding is the version of npm bundled with Node 6 is v3.. - which doesn’t support Auth tokens.

So npm login wouldn’t generate a new token?

(Kat Marchán) #24

As this has already been resolved (please see this reply: Can’t install scoped packages – E401 Unauthorized), I’m gonna lock this to prevent the answer from getting buried and/or folks getting confused. If you have new or recurring issues in spite of the solution, please start a new topic.

(Kat Marchán) #25