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Can npm publish same version npm package with different tag?

In my case, i have published a npm package @a/b with npm publish --tag beta which version is 1.0.1 for beta version testing. And once test done, i try to publish same package to formal npm registry by scripting npm publish --tag latest . Then 403 error occurs, showing forbidden cannot modify pre-existing version . Is there any way to publish test version package and production version package with some version?
Also, i try some solution like npm unpublish @a/b@1.0.1 , but it fail if i am not administrator for npm registry(maybe a company internal registry). So, i just patch a new version and publish it without any code changed…

Some discuss in github is still open…

I do not think you can republish without changing version.

The semver pattern you can follow is to version the beta version as a prerelease, then the version number changes naturally when you release again.

The nvm version command includes prerelease.

Thx for your reply.
Semver is great, and i follow it as well. It would resolve my problem in strict semver regulation in my case. But i still wonder why tag is so strict in npm not like tag in git. There’s one case
that developer using tag as feature usage, and i think it makes sense somehow.