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can not find my published package.

What I Wanted to Do

I published a following package.

And I tried to search my package from a top page of like;

What Happened Instead

No package found.

Reproduction Steps

Just search like .

I can repro this with full name of my package.

I’m having the same problem with dc-mar. I published it 5 days ago, and it’s still not showing up in searches.

oh… it looks the same problem…
I did ‘npm publish’ with different versions for several times, but nothing changed.
The page of npm package is updated for sure, but my package still can not be found by search.

If this problem remains, I will try to publish the same package with different name, reluctantly…

(@pokiiio I think it is more likely a problem with searching than with your package name since someone else seeing same issue, so suggest no need to publish the same package with different name.)

As a workaround, I just unpublished my package, and re-publish it after 24 hours passed.
Then my package can be found by npmjs search.

You have to wait for 10-12 hours for your package to be visible under the query but it mostly will work within an hour. As the threshold is reached, the package is active. Thanks for reporting.

It’s a lot longer than 10-12 hours. Mine finally started showing up in search results after a week.