[Bug][API] GET scoped package w/ version fails with 401 status

(Robert Kieffer) #1

What I Wanted to Do

curl https://registry.npmjs.org/@babel/core/latest should return JSON info about latest version of @babel/core module
Similarly, curl https://registry.npmjs.org/@webassemblyjs/wasm-parser/1.7.11 should return info for @webassemblyjs/wasm-parser@1.7.11

What Happened Instead

Server responds with 401 status

Reproduction Steps

See curl commands above


This appears to be an issue with any module that has a scoped name.

This issue previously reported (and closed without response) here.

Note, too, that the information in question is available if you omit the version. E.g. curl https://registry.npmjs.org/@babel/core works… you just have to sift through the versions field to fin the information you need.

Platform Info

Problem appears to be client independent. Issue happens with curl as well as on http://npm.broofa.com (e.g. See failing XHR requests at http://localhost:9080/?q=@babel/core )