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Browser extension: npm lookup

I’m a huge fan of making your everyday tools work for you and my browser is probably the app I customize the most with extensions. I’m not here to start a browser fight, but for now I’m using Chrome: planning to move back to Firefox when I’ll find the equivalent plugins I’m using right now, but that’s a different story.

Here is one extension I just installed that I wanted to share with you: npm lookup, which turns selected text on a webpage into an npm package lookup. Simple, but already saved me so much time (#lazyFred). Unfortunately, I didn’t find the equivalent for Firefox, but the code is on GitHub if you want to port it to Mozilla’s browser.

My goal is to share more often of the ones I used related to npm and web development, which most are available on those two browsers. Feel free to share your most useful (or interesting) ones with me…

On that note, happy Monday my friends!