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Broken link for "Creating an Org" on the "npm package scope, access level, and visibility" page in the NPM documentation


There is an incorrect link leading to a 404 when a user clicks on “Creating an Org” while on the “npm package scope, access level, and visibility” page.

Expected Result:

Clicking “Creating an Org” should take the user to

Actual Result:

Clicking “Creating an Org” takes the user to (which returns a 404)

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to npm package scope, access level, and visibility
  2. Click on the link to “Creating an Org” in the first “note” on the page
  3. Note the URL ( and the fact that it returns a 404

Thanks @kevinselwyn. I have moved your report to #support:docs-needed where documentation team will see it.