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beginner here... question on homebridge-minimal-http-blinds

HI all

I have blinds which works with GET POST http. I have Homebridge installed on a raspberry and now want to steer my blinds via HomeKit using homebridge-minimal-http-blinds

I understand that after installing homebridge-minimal-http-blinds i need to enter following text into the json file (of course with adjusted http Adresses):

“name”: “Kitchen Blinds”,
“accessory”: “MinimalisticHttpBlinds”,
“get_current_position_url”: “”,
“set_target_position_url”: “”,
“get_current_state_url”: “

What don’t understand, is where following text needs to be entered:

“get_current_position_method”: “GET”,
“set_target_position_method”: “POST”,
“get_current_state_method”: “GET”,

“get_current_position_expected_response_code”: “200”,
“set_target_position_expected_response_code”: “204”,
“get_current_state_expected_response_code”: “200”,

“get_current_position_polling_millis”: “500”,
“get_current_state_polling_millis”: “500”,
“no_cache_duration_millis”: “60000”

also into the json file? or where else?

pardon my dumb questions but I am not an expert at all… hope you can help me?

the blinds API are attached here:

10ZEPAPIE1612 copy.json (1.5 MB)

(just change .json to .pdf) as it does not allow me to upload pdf files…

thanks in advance!!!

Hi. How are you connecting to your pi?

You need to type the command
Cd .homebridge

Then nano config.json

That will take you to the screen where you add the plugin text

Ctrl X. To exit and save

Thanks Mark for your time!

I connect via SSH, works pretty well and i also can access the config.json file. my question is more if I need to enter BOTH sections in the config.json file under the section “accessories”… Below each other before the “Platform” section?

here my actual config json file:

“bridge”: {
“name”: “Homebridge”,
“username”: “xx:22:xx:E4:xx:13”,
“port”: 51826,
“pin”: “xxx-xx-xxx”
“accessories”: [

    "platforms": [{
                    "platform": "netatmo",
                    "name": "netatmo platform",
                    "ttl": 5,
                    "auth": {
                            "client_id": "xxxxxxx",
                            "client_secret": "xxxxx"
                            "username": "xxx",
                            "password": "xxx"
                    "platform": "FHEM",
                    "name": "FHEM",
                    "server": "xxx",
                    "port": "8083",
                    "auth": {
                            "user": "xxx",
                            "pass": "xxx"

“filter”: “room=Homekit”