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avatar in the package page is permanent

What I Wanted to Do

I’ve updated my avatar and I expected to see the new one on the package page.

What Happened Instead

I still see the old avatar.

Reproduction Steps

  1. add a gravatar to your account
  2. publish a package
  3. see the avatar on the package page
  4. update your gravatar
  5. still see the same avatar on the package page


The cache does not seem to be invalidated when avatar changes. It should at least update when a new package version is published.

I am wondering how permanent the old image is. I haven’t experimented with the gravitar image handling to see whether the URL changes when the image changes, and wondering if it might be local caching.

  1. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

  2. How long between changing image and seeing old image?

I looked at the headers in browser download for my avatar on package page and it has:

Cache-Control: max-age=300

That means the browser won’t check for a new version for 5 minutes after downloading it.

Hey John,

  1. yes
  2. few weeks

Everytime a gravatar changes you get a new URL and the package page seems to hold the first gravatar url it ever gets.