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Automatically execute 'link' directly after 'install'

What’s the feature?

Actually it seems like there is no build-in way to execute binary linking on installation. It would nice to have a way to run npm link directly after/with npm install too. Maybe with an additional parameter like npm install -l .

What problem is the feature intended to solve?

Currently the only way to do this is to execute npm install and afterward npm link . It is even no solution to create a custom script, like npm install && npm link , because then everyone needs to know the call and cant just use install . It’s not possible to use postinstall with npm link too, beacuse this would result in a loop.

Is this feature similar to an existing feature in another tool?

I would say yes. It’s just the execution of npm link after installation with an parameter on npm install . No new functionality in general.

This feature was already requested on different places