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Adding package notes

It would be nice to add package notes that can serve as information aids to other developers.

For instance:

$ npm note typescript "Installed Angular requires this version"
$ npm note fullcalendar "Installed PrimeNG requires this version"

Would yield:

$ npm outdated
Package                              Current         Wanted      Latest  Location  User Notes
@angular-devkit/build-angular          0.7.5          0.7.5       0.8.5  myApp     
foundation-sites                       6.4.3          6.4.3  6.5.0-rc.4  myApp     
fullcalendar                   4.0.0-alpha.2  4.0.0-alpha.2       3.9.0  myApp     Installed PrimeNG requires this version
typescript                             2.9.2          2.9.2       3.1.3  myApp     Installed Angular requires this version

Something along those lines.