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Add a place to discuss package searches & ideas

:wave: Thanks for creating this forum! I wonder if it would be a good place to ask for recommendations about npm packages? I find myself a lot in the situation thinking “I’m sure there is a package for that already” and usually there is. But sometimes it’s not a perfect fit. Before creating a new one I’d ask if maybe someone else has a recommendation. I did that on twitter in the past but I don’t think that it’s a good place for it. So I wonder if maybe the would be?

To give an example, I’m looking for a package to log deprecation messages. There is depd, but the problem is that it only logs a message once based on the file path and line number, even if the messages are different. I’m looking for a package that logs a deprecation message once, based on the message itself.

this is part of the purpose of #community:showcase – perhaps that board can be renamed or reframed such that it fulfills that use-case?

I made #community:find-a-package to live alongside showcase, before I saw this thread. Still, they seem like distinct enough use-cases. I guess we’ll have to see if they’re both useful in practice.