npm Community Forum (Archive)

The npm community forum has been discontinued.

To discuss usage of npm, visit the GitHub Support Community.

About the ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพ support category

tech support! confused? getting a weird error? ask here!

The support category is for general community-based support. This is the place to ask questions about how to do certain things with npm, or try to figure out why itโ€™s not doing things the way you might expect! Anyone in the community can help answer questions.

In general, npm folks are less likely to pay attention to posts here. If you have a well-defined and reproducible bug, post in #bugs instead!

Please remember to be kind and civil and try to reduce noise so users can find the answers they need! Avoid replies that are just โ€œ+1โ€ or โ€œme tooโ€ โ€“ your post might be removed if it doesnโ€™t add anything to the conversation.

Questions only remain open for a limited time after the last post.